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Plant-powered Sri-Lankan feasts

with Carnival Vibes

Welcome to the Short Eats! 

Serving up home-made, authentic Sri-Lankan inspired feasts 
that just so happen to be dairy-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians

(how do you like that?!)

We love family. We love food. We love fun. 
We want you to pull up a chair, and join us! Our menu is for Adults + Kids.

One menu. One mission. To unite everyone through the power of clean eating. 


Buy Supper Club tickets!

How it works

Step 1. Pick your bundle

We have 2 menus- One for Kids and one for Adults, but these menus consist of the same ingredients and classic recipes.

Babies and Kids, you can expect flavour, colour and texture, and Adults you can expect the same, but dial everything up!


If you're a Little Short Eater, we've got 3 Bundles available to you- The Short, Classic and Proud Eater, plus an additional pack, for some extra Eats! Flavour packed breakfasts, exciting lunches, and innovative dinners are at your fingertips.

If you're an Experienced Eater- we've just launched a brand new range- so you can order a three-course meal- the full experience. YUM.

Step 2. Order + Eat

Our dishes are freshly made, lovingly packed and efficiently delivered. They are perfect for stacking in the freezer and are 100% recyclable so they are unbelievably good inside and out.




What we bring

We have worked with creative Chefs and top Nutritionists to bring you a menu that is packed with exotic ingredients and an array of spices.
The dishes are flash-frozen to lock in flavour and freshness so we don't need any additives or preservatives.

Dairy-free, Plant-rich 

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