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Our Mission

What has happened to Asian food? Full of flavour, variety and colour, and yet when you think of 'An Indian take-away' you think- oily, greasy, rich and chicken korma. Time for a refresh. We're cooking up traditional classics, but revolutionising the spectrum. It's time to challenge those old school misconceptions and show you just how good Asian food can be- nutritious, exciting and flavour-full. In fact, it's so good, we think it shouldn't just be applicable to Adults, Kids should get involved!


We live in London- one of the most culturally diverse areas of the world. There are so many exciting, innovative and evolving brands being born every minute, but when I look at the baby/kid food offering, my heart sinks for them. This sector remains trapped in an archaic, dated state. Stagnant use of adventurous ingredients, insipid colours and unimaginative dishes. A parent can either opt for convenience or flavour, but you can’t have both, and you certainly can’t have anything crazier than a Veggie Moussaka.


But why has this aisle seen so little change? Excellent question. It is a challenging arena. There are lots of i’s to dot and t’s to cross. 

In my opinion, as the target age group can’t fully articulate their food processing thoughts, there’s been no real reason to change. Sadly, one can deem the kid’s range an afterthought. Babies can and will eat anything, toddlers start making their own food decisions and by 6-7 their taste buds are fully sown and grown. Any chance of untangling the bad weeds is going to take some heavy lifting. We are looking to nourish them as seedlings. By encouraging flavour seeking now, we ultimately give them the right tools to make healthy, balanced and adventurous decisions as adults.

Let them: Explore (ஆராயுங்கள்)

We want every child to enjoy their meals. If you’re anything like us, you sit down for breakfast and think about what you might eat for lunch. Our children are no different. Probably more so because they are bound by what we put in front of them. Starting them on this food journey at a young age is a pivotal moment. Their exploration of texture, colour and aromas will feed into their curiosity for years to follow.


Let them: Expand - their minds and bellies (விரிவடையும்)

We believe in the power of variety; it truly is the spice of life! Our food is inspired by the heritage cuisine of Sri-Lanka. A land, that by its very nature, is a child’s paradise- with a bounty of exotic, healthy ingredients and a purity of preparation that makes it one of the tastiest, yet cleanest forms of Asian eating. 


Let them: EAT! (சாப்பிடு)


We hope that our food will encourage the concept of ‘eating together’. Our food is built on the foundation of ‘adult food for kids’. If there’s any food left over, simply season and enjoy yourself! This is real food. Your baby can enjoy a blended dish, whilst toddlers might go for a finger snack and you might be mopping up a little left over curry. That’s the beauty of it all. This is not baby food. It’s just food, baby.

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