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Why buy Short Eats?

What a great question!


Our mission is to promote food diversity. Sadly Asian food has become saturated with many of the same flavour combinations and ingredients. 


We have drawn on the flavours of our heritage, Sri Lanka. A cuisine which is plant-rich and steeped in the concept of layering flavours and colours. Indian takeaways will never be the same!

How best to enjoy our food


Our dishes are designed to promote 'sharing' and the concept of eating together.

All of dishes have been designed based on colour, texture and flavour- they are delicious by themselves, but especially great when eaten altogether! Heat all and enjoy always.

For Kids: You can simply heat one of our packets for your baby to enjoy, or take a little spoon of a few curries and encourage your baby to try 'Sri-Lankan style'. There is a variety of texture and colours in our trays so, hands are of course welcome!

For any first timers, new smells and flavours can be daunting, so try a little bite with their classics and soon they'll be hooked!

Heating and Storing

We do not use any preservatives. Our dishes should be kept in the freezer until ready to consume. Once defrosted, as long as they are refrigerated they can be consumed within 24hrs. 


Reheating could not be more easy! Thanks to our microwave-friendly trays, simply pop them in after removing the outer packaging, and in 2 mins, you can enjoy a wholesome meal that's packed full of flavour, nutrients and adventure.


For Kids: Always temperature test before serving warmed food to your baby and consume immediately.

FAQs for the Kids Range:

Can young ones really eat curry?

All of our dishes have been modelled on classic Sri-Lankan recipes, but have been adapted for growing children. That means we have removed all 'spicy' ingredients- such as chilli and curry powder, and tempered our own spice blend with the 'aromatics'- such as cumin, fennel and cinnamon. Though milder in temperament, they serve to flavour the food and make the food far more tasty for your little ones.

But isn't frozen food unhealthy?

This is a common misconception. Actually research has proved that more flavours and natural goodness can be locked in by freezing food after it has been cooked. Think about when you buy frozen peas- they are bursting with texture and colour verses canned peas. Baby pouches have much the same effect. Very handy and convenient but as they are heat sealed so they can sit at room temperature, they can last up to 2 years from when they are first manufactured! Now, that doesn't sound right, does it?

Salt / Sugar / Oil

True, Asian food is synonymous with oil and salt, but not here at Short Eats. Our food has been made without any salt, sugar or preservatives.


The spices that we have hand-picked add flavour but not heat. We have taken great care in ingredient selection, which gives your baby variety without them even realising it!

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